Title examination

Title examination is one of the most challenging and specialized disciplines in both real property and oil and gas law, requiring a high degree of industry knowledge and legal training. As virtually everyone in the oil and gas exploration sector knows, without an accurately researched and properly prepared title opinion, oil and gas operators run the risk of substantial financial consequences, including unnecessary and costly litigation. A well drafted title opinion is a key component of any successful oil and gas venture.

At Michael S. Browning P.C. title examination is a primary focus. We are actively involved in rendering title opinions covering properties throughout Texas and New Mexico and our practice is committed to providing thorough title examination performed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Further, because we understand that time and resources are scarce, we do not subscribe to a purely “academic” approach in dealing with title issues. We strive to draft our title opinions in a direct, concise manner, avoiding “legalese” whenever possible. Our title opinions are drafted in such a manner that both the in-house and field landmen might readily interpret the issue at hand, and obtain practical advice on curative requirements. In addition to our thorough review of public real estate records in the title examination process, we understand the need to work closely with the field landmen to ensure accurate ownership interests in surface rights, mineral rights, and oil and gas leasehold rights.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 operators to independents and from publicly traded E&P companies to smaller, family-owned operators, each of whom has trusted us with minimizing millions to even billions of dollars in title risk.

Whether you need title examined prior to drilling a well, updating a prior title opinion, rendering a division order title opinion, obtaining a leasehold title opinion, obtaining a title opinion for financing transactions, or for acquisition purposes, at Michael S. Browning P.C. we are committed to providing top rate service at a reasonable cost. Additionally, and as part of our practice philosophy, in addition to providing you with an accurate portrait of your title, we will make you immediately aware of any substantial existing or potential legal issues. Further, as a full service title firm, we can draft any curative instruments such as ratifications, agreements, stipulations of interests, correction instruments, or otherwise, necessary to cure title defects in your chain of title.

Types of title opinions available:

  • original drilling title opinions
  • supplemental title opinions
  • division order title opinions
  • leasehold title opinions
  • acquisition title opinions
  • banking title opinions

Should you need a more specialized title opinion than those listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are more than happy to tailor a given title opinion(s) to your specifications.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in the fulfillment of your title needs. Thank you for your consideration.

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